ZDT now has additional features!

Version 4
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    The Remedy Platform, including the AR System Server, Atrium CMDB, and Atrium Integrator, now introduces a fully automated Zero Downtime Upgrade capability with auto-recovery (rollback of binaries) for any upgrade failures. This enables you to upgrade the Remedy platform without any disruption of service.


    Easier upgrade with additional automation

    Several manual steps such as, removing the backup folders, metadata, and obsolete FTS collections, as well as enabling FTS index, and algorithms for password encryption are automated to make the zero-downtime (ZDT) upgrade more efficient and less error-prone. For more information, see Preparing for zero-downtime upgrade of the platform.


    If for some reason the upgrade fails, the platform components and the file system are rolled back to the earlier version. After resolving the issues that failed the ZDT upgrade, you can restart the upgrade process. Until you restart the upgrade process the DB remains in the upgraded version but it does not cause any interruptions in the normal operations.  For more information, see Troubleshooting installer failure during upgrade.

    Zero downtime upgrade in a non-server group environment

    Zero-downtime upgrade is supported in a non-server group environment. When you a perform zero-downtime upgrade in a non-server group environment, the installer automatically adds all the upgraded servers to the server group.

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