Robust BMC Remedy Deployment Application

Version 5
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    BMC has significantly enhanced the Deployment Application and added support for additional objects like Task Templates, Task Group Templates, and binaries. There are improvements to the performance and usability of the Deployment Manager Console that includes capabilities like archiving of deployment packages, email notification for package deployment status, pre-check for package deployment, and rollback.


    Create and deploy a custom binary payload

    Use the AR System Single Point Deployment form to create a custom binary payload. This helps you promote the custom binary changes from your development environment to the production environment effectively and efficiently in a shorter time.

    The following components support customizing a binary payload:

    • AR System server
    • Mid Tier
    • Remedy with Smart IT

      For more information about binary payload, see Creating and deploying a custom binary payload.

    Deploy task and task group templates using application object

    Migrate application objects effectively and reliably from one environment to another by using BMC Remedy Deployment Application.


    For information about the process of migration, see Migrating application objects by using BMC Remedy Deployment Application.

    Archive the previously deployed package

    Migrate Archive the previously deployed packages from the AR System Deployment Management Console. You can also archive a package prior to the default age.

    For more information about archiving a package, see Archiving a package.