Now patch your server group faster!

Version 12
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    With AR System 9.1.04, you can use the BMC Remedy Deployment Application to apply Remedy hotfixes and patches at a single point and with automated synchronization of bits in a server group. You need not run the patch installer on each server. This will help you run the most stable, recent version of Remedy.


    Some of the features that the BMC Remedy Deployment Application offers are as follows:

    • In a server group, when you apply packages on a primary server, the changes provided through the patch or hotfix are applied on all secondary servers automatically. You do not need to run the installers on the secondary servers.
    • You can also restore the objects in a patch to the pre-deployment state, if an issue occurs during the validation of the patch, or if an error occurs while deploying the patch.



    Watch this video to understand how to apply a patch to the server group.


    For more information about efficient patching, see Applying a hotfix or a patch.

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