Remedy Test Automation Libraries

Version 9
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    Version 3




    We are glad to announce the BMCRemedyUI automation 3.0 is released and ready to download.


    What’s New in Version 3 of Remedy Automation libraries?


    Base Support

    1. Support for multiple OS.
    2. Additional action related function like RightClick, forward.etc


    AR API support

    1. CCS Updation capability.
    2. Added optional support checkforFTSReindex, setServerBaseMode(using CCS update capability) and midtierFlushCacheAndSync in Prerequisite_DataCreation file for reference.
    3. exportFormDataBasedOnQual : This function will help in getting Form Data exported in a file through automation.


    Testcase failure analysis support

    1. Screenshot on failures.
    2. Stack trace.


    Please refer the file. It has documentation file which has all the details about 3.0. 



    Version 2


    We are glad to announce the BMCRemedyUI automation 2.0 is released and ready to download.


    1. Now we are providing you the ready made automated test scripts which you can run in your environment.
    2. Build the new automation test scripts if you want to cover specific area.
    3. Run the 195 test cases and analyze the results quickly.
    4. Normally it takes around 5-6 hours to run all the 200 test cases.



    What’s New in Version 2 of Remedy Automation libraries?

    1. 150 Smoke Tests with Test Steps are provided for MidTier-Apps covering Foundation, Asset, Change, Incident,
    2. Problem, Release, SRM, SLM, etc.
    3. 25 ITSM integration test.
    4. 21 Smoke Tests with Test Steps are provided for Smart-IT.
    5. Execution speed is improved.
    6. Logging is provided for better analysis of Test Results.


    Please refer the file. It has documentation file which has all the details about 2.0. 



    Version 1


    What is the test automation libraries?

    Test Automation libraries are tons of JavaScript functions developed by Remedy team, now these functions can be called in the automation test script. these functions gives you power to identify UI elements, parent->child references etc


    What is the need of automation libraries?

    Test Automation libraries gives flexibility to call the functions whenever is needed. These functions will help to interact with the mid-tier UI objects and SMART UI objects. It is easier to create complex automation test cases. That's why automation libraries comes handy while automating the test cases.


    What are the benefits of automation libraries?

    Creating  automation scripts were challenging as mid-tier objects change dynamically. Now you can use the JS functions and identify the object easily, you can also perform several operations like

    1.  to check the file menu name

    2.  to check whether a table button exists

    3.  how to get the next table chunk, Or Select rows in table, Or Click button field etc

    With these automation libraries, it is much easier and smoother with to do all such operations.


    We have bundled three important things.

    1. Java script functions which you can find in automation.js                                                    

    2. Sample functions which we have developed.

    3. Sample test cases where the actual functions are called and used.


    Is this for a specific test automation tool?

    These are generic Java Script Functions which can be used in any automation tool which are based on JAVA for example Selenium, Silktest etc.


    Which versions of Remedy these libraries are supported?

    These libraries can be used with any Remedy versions 8.x and onwards.


    The given sample test cases does multiple things, it  navigates thru multiple forms, panels interacting with text fields, single level and multi-level menus, drop down, links, table objects, pop-ups, view fields, breadcrumb, tabs..etc.


    We made sure that Sample test cases interacting with most of the MT UI elements. So it will be easier for you to know how the objects are identified at various levels in different windows.  This will give confidence to you while doing automation.


    Just import this project in eclipse and start automating test cases which you can rerun n number of times.


    Download the test library package below and comment with your experience and queries

    March 25th Webinar on the Test Libraries see