Track-It! 2018/Track-It! 2019 and Microsoft Exchange 2016

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    Track-It! 2019 R3


    Track-It! 2018 (20.18.01), Track-It! 2019


    This article is intended for customers intending to send emails to and receive notifications from Track-It! when Exchange 2016 is their on premise Email Solution.


    Inbound Email

    Track-It! connects to your email server using the IMAP protocol. This means that the version of Exchange should not be relevant as long as the Microsoft Exchange IMAP 4 Service is running.

    By default, IMAP4 client connectivity isn't enabled in Exchange. To enable IMAP4 client connectivity, you need to perform the following steps:

    1. Start the IMAP4 services, and configure the services to start automatically:

      • Microsoft Exchange IMAP4: This is the Client Access (frontend) service that IMAP4 clients connect to.

      • Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 Backend: IMAP4 client connections from the Client Access service are proxied to the backend service on the server that hold the active copy of the user's mailbox.

    For detailed Configuring settings see:

    If you are having difficulty with this configuration, this article may help you resolve the issue; 

    How to troubleshoot Incoming E-mail Configuration in Track-It! 2018 using IMAP

    If not, please contact the Support Team for further assistance. 

    Outbound Email (Notifications)

    Similarly to inbound email processing, Track-It! connects to the mail server to send outgoing notifications using the SMTP protocol. So once again, the Exchange version is not relevant. 


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