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    Remedy Knowledge Management Application


    Remedy Knowledge Management Application


    When searching in RKM I am having difficulty locating articles in a knowledge search. What are some general steps you take to troubleshoot searching.


    There are many factors that play into search results either being found in a search, or not found. Keep in mind that the articles you see in the Knowledge console are not based on FTS. You have to keep in mind of Visibility Groups, Internal Only, and your knowledge roles as well. Let's take a look at a few below.

    Problem one: When searching in RKM, I do not see articles I have created.

    First ask yourself  "Is this issue something with FTS, or is it with Visibility of the article". The first thing you want to do is make sure it is not an FTS issue before troubleshooting further.

    The form AR System Multi-Form search is the first form you want to view. You will need to utilize a User Tool for this as searching on the mid-tier form will not yield correct results.

    1. Click on the "filter" tab and select the RKM template the article belongs to. For example if you just created a How To article select the RKM:HowToTemplate_Manageable_Join form. This is also a good way to see what the schema ID is for the database. 2884 is my schema ID for the how to template as an example.
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    Click on the Search Terms tab and enter the KBA number you wish to locate in the field "Search Term: May Have". For example KBA00000006 as seen below. 

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    You will get a message that pops up, go ahead and click OK. "ARERR [694] The AR System Multi-Form Search form cannot be used for the specified operation : ARGetEntry" 

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    IF the article is indexed with FTS you will see the result listed as seen in the screenshot below. If you do not get any results, then it will be an issue with FTS and FTS troubleshooting needs to start. You can see in the screenshot below that I had a results during my search. This tells me that my article is indexed and I need to start looking at workflow / permissions based on the article. 

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    Question: What logs do I need to troubleshoot FTS? 

    1. FTS logs can be gathered by going to AR System Admin Console > System > General > Server Information > Log Files > Full Text Indexer Log 
    2. API, SQL, Filter logs along with Plugin Logs. 

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    3. Make sure you are logging based off the index server. You can locate the index server by going to AR System Admin Console > System > General > FTS Configuration. 

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    Once the logs are enabled log into your Knowledge Admin Console. Select "Manage Knowledge Sources" > Template that has an index issue > rebuild index. Gather the logs and review them for any failures or send them in to BMC support for review. 

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    Problem Two: I actually get results in the AR System Multi-Form search, but I still cannot find the article. 

    Questions you should ask at this point. 

    1. If you are searching with a "Term" instead of the KBA number how many other articles do you have? For example your newly created "outlook" article could be on page 4 of the search list. Try searching with the exact KBA number 

    2. In the advanced search, do you have the sources enabled? Anyone can save source settings, so double check that 

    3. If the article has a visibility group assigned to it, are you part of that visibility group? 

    4. Is the article flagged as Internal Only? If so, Internal only means anyone with a knowledge role who belongs to the group that the article is assigned 

    5. Do you have the right permissions such as Knowledge User or Admin? as they can see draft articles. It is possible the article is not in a published status 

    6. Open up the form RKM:KnowledgeArticleManager/Work+View and do an advance search with 'DocID' = "KBAnumber" for the test below I used 'DocID' = "KBA00000006".   Check that the highlighted field is set to "Published". In my example it is not, thus will not show in search results. 

    User-added image

    If you have done all of the above verification steps, and you still cannot find the article we would need workflow logging outlined below. 

    1. Client side Active links 
    2. Server side API, Filter, and SQL logs. 

    Please see the following KB Articles and community post for more information. 

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    How FTS works for RKM
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