BSR:Subsequent updates to incident status are not reflected in TrueSight/BPPM event

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    TrueSight Infrastructure Management


    TSIM Integration with BMC Service Resolution


    All versions of TrueSight Infrastructure Management upgraded from Proactivenet Performance Management 9.5 BMC Service Resolution 3.0.01 and later.


    We have integrated BPPM 9.6 FP2 with Remedy 9.1 using BSR 3.5.01 and integration works fine as incidents are created for events and incident ID and initial incident status information for e.g. “Assigned” is updated in original events in BPPM.
    But whenever incident status is updated in Remedy, these subsequent updates are not reflected in original event as well as EVENT_INCIDENT_INFO event.


    Customer had migrated from IBRSD to BSR and it was found that isAppendBPPMName property was still set to Yes in IBRSD.conf, this was causing BPPM server for e.g. TestServer to get appended in cell_name field when its passed to Remedy for creating incidents.
    Starting from BSR 3.0.01 version, IBRSD plugins on Remedy are not used for sending EVENT_INCIDENT_INFO event to cell via BPPM web service hence there is no need to append BPPM server to cellname.

    Now INT:OutboundStaging form is no longer used on Remedy and SDIG component on BPPM polls for incident information stored in new form i.e. HPD:IncidentOutboundEvent using web service i.e. HPD_IncidentOutboundEvent .
    In this case, SDIG was polling for updated incident information from this form with below criteria.

    DEBUG 31 Oct 2017 07:01:39144042 [pool-25-thread-1] Qualification string is::'Modified Date' > "1509450506" AND ('cell_name' = "pncell_TestServer ")

    But since BPPM servername was getting appended to cellname, cell_name field on this form was having value as below.
    Due to this above qualification was not met and following error was returned.

    ERROR (302): Entry does not exist in database; For qualification:'Modified Date' > “1509450506” AND ('cell_name' ="pncell_TestServer")
    In order to correct the problem, set IsAppendBPPMName=No in IBRSD.conf located in pw\integrations\ibrsd\conf directory and restarted Service Desk Integration Service and after that incident status were getting received in BPPM.


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