CDM DeNormalization failing

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    CDM Denormalization was failing everytime with below error :

    Sep 07 2016 14:41:14.109 ERROR [main] - ERROR (120002): Class does not exist.; BMC.CORE:TMP_Product

    Sep 07 2016 14:48:29.686 ERROR [main] - ERROR (120011): Class already exists.; TMP_PRODUCT


    There was index corruption in CDM thats why CDM Denormalization was failing


    - Found that it was happening due to Index corruption.
    - We opened OBJSTR:Index & OBJSTR:IndexAttribute form.
    - Found that index was there but for index attribute class guid was showing wrong value.
    - Provided the proper value & restarted the AR service.
    - We disabled all debug level logging also disabled API/FLTR/SQL logs.
    - Checked Norm & Recon job if it's running or not.
    - Stopped the running jobs.
    - Started CDM denormalization utility & haven't seen any error.

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