Which Control-M/Agent ports need to be unique when installing multiple agents on the same box

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    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and Microsoft Windows


    Control-M/Agent for UNIX and MS Windows


    What agent ports need to be unique when installing multiple agents and what ports need to opened for a firewall


    All the ports listed below should be unique except the agent to server port in case you use the same port on other Control-M Servers.

    The only external ports that need firewall access is the server to agent port, agent to server port, and Remote Utility ports

    ATCMNDATA   8005
    AGCMNDATA   8006
    RU_COMM_PORT   8000

    The AR_AG_COMM_PORT, AR_AT_COMM_PORT, AR_UT_COMM_PORT are in use when "persistent connection" mode is on.  Otherwise, their values are of no importance.  When you do turn the "persistent connection" mode on, the agent will care about finding free ports.  So you can leave these.  If the ports are not free when persistent mode is enabled the agent will find free ones dynamically.

    AR_AG_COMM_PORT   7036
    AR_AT_COMM_PORT   7037
    AR_UT_COMM_PORT   7038

    The tracker event port is used for internal communication but should be unique.


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