When updating OS/400 Multiple Command job for JOBNAME or MEMNAME together with other fields at Job Properties dialogbox in Planning domain, the other fields are not updated; only JOBNAME or MEMNAME is updated

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    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager


    Control-M/Enterprise Manager 9.0.00 and 8.0.00


    Either for new or existing OS/400 Multiple Command job in Planning domain, double-click on the job to get the Job Properties dialogbox.
    Modify any other field together with JOBNAME or MEMNAME field will only change the JOBNAME or MEMNAME field value; not the other field's value.
    For example, if command line field and jobname field are modified together in Job Properties dialogbox, and click OK, then the job's Synopsis view will show the jobname being changed; but not the command line value.


    CAR00129286 - WLA OS400 some fields are not saved to the job definition when clicking OK on the "Job properties" form after changing the job name or memname


    Current workaround is to change all values in Synopsis view, instead of the Job Properties dialogbox; if the JOBNAME or MEMNAME is part of the change.
    Otherwise, change other values once in Job Properties dialogbox; and change the JOBNAME or MEMNAME at another time or at Synopsis view.

    Currently, the CAR00129286 doesn't have any timeframe yet.

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