After Upgrading CLM Unable to see CLM Items in MyIT Catalog

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    MyIT Digital Workplace


    MyIT Integrated with CLM


    We are on MyIT version 3.4.00 build 7 and CLM version 4.6.06 where we recently upgraded CLM from version 4.6.05 to version 4.6.06 and post upgrade of CLM we are unable to see CLM Offering Items in MyIT Catalog.

    The same worked fine when MyIT was integrated with CLM 4.6.05.

    The CLM offering are searchable in MyIT search and shows fine under Browse Category Section in MyIT .
    The problem specific to Catalog View in MyIT


    Missing jar files or ssl certificate issue


    If MyIT is integrated with CLM already and if CLM is upgraded later, this integrated system of MyIT will not recognize the new files updated on CLM server with new version of CLM.

    Hence to resolve the same kindly replace the objectmodel.jar file from the <Platform Manager>/lib folder (on the BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management setup) to the <Apache Software Foundation>\Tomcat8.0\external-conf\provider\clm folder and restart MyIT Tomcat.

    Please refer below section for more details,

    In case there was no upgrades and the case of fresh stack, export the ssl certificates from platform manager (on CLM) and import it into MyIT. Once done, clear the browser cache and test it.

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