BSA: Windows Patching Job with no Include Filter reports Obsolete Patch as Missing

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    Windows Patching Job reports an old patch missing, even though the patch is shown as Obsolete in the Catalog, and there was no Include Filter used during the analysis run.
    It is expected to have the BladeLogic Windows Patching Job ignore Obsolete (or superseded) Patches, why is the patch not ignored?






    Legacy ID:KA366573


    The Bulletin in question is most likely Partially Superseded, where the patch that's returned during the Patching Job is not actually obsolete. The following needs to be validated for the hotfix in question:

    • From the Catalog, open the old and new Bulletins
    • Find the hotfix of interest in the list within the old Bulletin
    • Validate that the hotfix does not exist in the new Bulletin

    As an example, I will use KB977290 hotfix from old superseded bulletin MS10-014:


    MS10-014 [Superseded By MS11-013]:
    Contains patches for Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 [Windows 2000 patch: KB977290]
    Contains patches for Windows 2003, 2008


    As you see, the newer MS11-013 Bulletin does not have the hotfix for Windows 2000, so the corresponding patch from older MS10-014 Bulletin is still considered new.


    If you run analysis against Windows 2000 server, expect to see hotfix KB977290 in the results.
    If you run analysis against Windows 2003/2008 server, do not expect to see results for MS10-014, but rather for the newer hotfix from MS11-013.


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