Can you change the version number of a KM in a policy?

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    By design, it isn't possible to change the version number of a KM in a policy.

    The solution would be to rebuild the policy.

    Note that in later versions of the product (e.g. TrueSight 11), there is the concept of copying a policy. It is still restrictive of making changes to the monitor (e.g. version), but it would same you time nonetheless.

    You may want to vote up these two ideas:

    Note: some KMs will allow you to export the policy, edit the version, and import it back into BPPM.  *But not all KMs.*
    There isn't any list of KMs which allow this (and even so, we've seen success with some versions of a given KM, and failure in other versions of the same KM).  The recommendation is therefore to rebuild the policy.  However, if you want to try the re-import method, note that all steps will appear to be successful; the only way to confirm success is to check the configuration of the monitor in the policy to see if the details are present.

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