BSA: Windows Compliance, Snapshot, Audit or Live Browse Hotfixes error: com.oaklandsw.http.HttpTimeoutException

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    BladeLogic Server Automation Suite


    BMC BladeLogic Server Automation Suite



    A Compliance, Snapshot or Audit Job including the Windows Hotfixes node or a Live Browse of the Hotfixes node fails with and error like the below:

    Error: com.oaklandsw.http.HttpTimeoutException   Cannot decode an empty value java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cannot decode an empty value at com.bladelogic.shared.util.Encoder.decode( at at at com.bladelogic.model.job.compliance.patch.ShavlikResult.downloadShavlikFilesInternal( at com.bladelogic.model.job.compliance.patch.ShavlikResult.downloadShavlikFilesOnFileServer( at com.bladelogic.model.job.compliance.patch.ShavlikResult.downloadAndGetConfigFileLocation( at com.bladelogic.model.job.compliance.patch.PatchAnalysisJobExecutor.getConfigFileLocation( at com.bladelogic.model.job.compliance.patch.PatchAnalysisJobExecutor.getShavlikConfigFileLocationMap( at com.bladelogic.model.job.compliance.patch.PatchAnalysisJobExecutor.startJobExecution( at at at





    Legacy ID:KA312381


    The error indicates that the appserver cannot connect to the Shavlik site to download patch metadata.
    Confirm whether the appserver can get to the site by using a browser or command line tool like wget to manually download the files listed in the Configuration | Patch Global Configuration | Shavlik URLs configuration menu.
    If a HTTP Proxy is in use then confirm that the proxy settings are correct in blasadmin


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