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    A Windows Catalog does not contain non-public patches after successfully completing.






    Legacy ID:KA320323


    There are certain patches which are not made public by Microsoft. Shavlik (BSA's patch metadata provider) does not support such patches, and they are therefore not available in a Patch Catalog.


    To verify if your patch in question falls into this category, perform the following (as an example use patch KB940307):
    - Go to the patch URL link:
    - Note that there is no option to download the patch, but instead you are given a link to request it View and request hotfix downloads
    - Clicking on the link, you will have to accept the agreement and explicitly Request hotfix from Microsoft.


    We describe such patches as non-public because they require a request to obtain from Microsoft.


    To deploy such patches, they have to be:
    - Downloaded manually
    - Added to the Depot as a Custom Software Object with the correct silent command
    - Installed using standard Deploy Job


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