TS-Synthetic - TEA Agent could not start after upgrading or downgrading SDK.

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    Borland Silk Performer Synthetic Transaction Monitoring


    BMC Synthetic Transaction Execution Adapter


    TEA Agent could not start on a workstation after upgrading SDK.

    When starting TEA Agent manually by double-clicking the executable "BMCTEAAgent.exe", the following error is reproduced:

    'The program can't start because sgExecManager.dll is missing from your computer'.

    sgexecmanager.dl l not-found
    1053 Error Code when starting TEA AGent


    The problem was caused because PATH variable was not updated for Silk Performer during the upgrade.


    The System class path does not get updated with the correct version of Silk Performer.  Do the following to resolve the issue:

    1.  Open System Properties and click on the Environment Variables button
    2.  Under System Variables, choose "Path"
    3.  Click the Edit button
    4. In the Variable value, locate the path for Silk Performer and change the version to 18.0

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