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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Remedy 8.x,9.x


    If you change the property of a Character Field from Edit to Rich Text line breaks are ignored

    Second scenario:
    Not able to see any line breaks in email html body even though it is present in character field that being pushed into html body of AR System Email Message.
    Line Breaks are being ignored in html body of email message


    As designed


    This is the expected behaviour. If you change a Character Field to Rich Text you're telling Mid-Tier to interpret the value of that field as HTML. It will not convert line breaks to their HTML equivalent so you'd need to change this manually afterwards. The HTML code for line breaks is <br/>

    Second scenario:
    If you are setting text to html body, line breaks will not be maintained. 
    So if you are setting some text to html/rich text, you need to convert line breaks to <BR>
    This is how html/rich text behaves. Not a defect.

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