Downloading Product and Licensing for FootPrints 12.x and Footprints 20.x

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    FootPrints 12.x and 20.x


    The following article will instruct you on how to:

    1. Create a Support Profile if Needed.

    3. Download the FootPrints Software and Documentation.

    5. License the FootPrints Installation.




    Downloading Product and Licensing for FootPrints 12.x and 20.x


    Please see these videos, available on BMC Communities, about these steps:

    Create a Support Profile if Needed

    1. If a Support Central profile has not yet been created, Click Here to open the BMC customer orientation checklist document and follow the 'Create a BMC Account' link under the "02: Get access to BMC resources" section.

      Note: You can add your support ID and Pin during account creation, or after the account has been created. To add the support contract information after your account is created, please follow step 2.
    3. Once your profile is created, you will need to add your Support ID to your profile. Click Here to open the BMC customer orientation checklist document and follow the 'Add your Support ID(s) to you BMC Account' link under "03: Get support for your purchased products" section.
    Download the FootPrints Software and Documentation  
    1. Go to the Support Site.
    3. Click the Login link on the right-hand side.
    5. Click on the Downloads & Products link on the top left and select Downloads.
    7. Complete the 'Export Compliance And Access Terms' form and click 'Continue'.
    9. The page will load to show you your licensed Products.
    11. Locate and expand the FootPrints product name and expand the needed FootPrints version.
      NOTE: Be sure to select the correct Installer for your platform / database.    
    15. Copy the installer file to the server where FootPrints will be installed, or where it is currently installed. For Unix/Linux systems, place the file in a temporary directory (such as a sub-directory under your home directory or other location). For Windows systems, place the file in a location where the path does not contain space characters.
    17. For Unix/Linux systems, unpack the file and view the README files for installation/upgrade instructions. For Windows systems, execute the downloaded file to begin the installation/upgrade.
       License the FootPrints Installation
    You can obtain your current licenses from the Manage License page in the application or download the license file from the   Support Site.  
    1. If you are installing FootPrints 12.x or 20.x for the first time, you will be prompted for the license file.
    3. To retrieve the license file from the Support site, go to the
    5. Click the Login link on the right-hand side.
    7. Click the Client Management, FootPrints and Track-It! Licensing link to jump to this section and click the Access you Product Licenses link.
    9. Locate your FootPrints 12 serial number and click the icon in the 'License' column.
    11. Download the license file when prompted.
      Note: When clicking on the icon, dome browsers may automatically download the file without prompting
       For New Installations of FootPrints 12.x or 20.x:  
    1. Use the downloaded license file when prompted to upload license after initial login to the application.
      Note: If no workflow process is defined in your environment, the Create a new Business Process page appears.
    3. (Optional) Select a Business Process template to help you get started with working in BMC FootPrints Service Core. For more information about using Business Process templates, see Configuring business processes from templates.
       For Existing Installations of FootPrints 12.x or 20.x  
    1. Navigate to: Administration-> Main-> System Management-> System Settings-> Manage License.
    3. Click Load License. The File Upload dialog box appears.
    5. Navigate to the downloaded license file and open it. The license is uploaded and the page will refresh.
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