The Dashboard in SmartIT use which Groups for displaying data

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    The Backlog charts for Incidents, Service Requests and Work Orders tickets are pulled from the KPI:DataCollection records which are populated by the following filters every night when the related KPI:KDC:Backlog_of_xxxxx escalation runs.  In each case below have the fieldId of the relevant Company/Group field on the application form:
    For the field info, this is the format used:  FieldName (FieldLabel):                             (fieldId: <fieldId>)
    Filter: KPI:KDC:Backlog_of_Incidents_SupportGroup_GetNumber
    - ('Status' < "Resolved") AND ('Company' = $Company$) AND ('Assigned Group' = $Support Group Name$)
    Company (Company):                                   (fieldId: 1000000001)
    Assigned Group (Assigned Group*+):      (fieldId: 1000000217)
     Service Requests:-
    Filter: KPI:KDC:Backlog_of_SR_SupportGroup_GetNumber
    - ('Status' > "In Cart") AND ('Status' < "Completed") AND ('Company' = $Company$) AND ('Assignee Group' = $Support Group Name$)
    Company (Company*+):                                 (fieldId: 1000000082 )
    Assignee Group (Assignee Group):           (fieldId: 10002506   )
     Work Orders:-
    Filter: KPI:KDC:Backlog_of_WorkOrders_SupportGroup_GetNumber
    - ('Status' < "Completed") AND ('Customer Company' = $Company$) AND ('Support Group Name' = $Support Group Name$)
    Customer Company (Assignee Support Group Name+):                   (fieldId: 1000003299)
    Support Group Name (Manager Support Group Name+):               (fieldId: 1000000015)
     For Change Requests, we do not look at KPI:DataCollection values. Instead we perform live searches against CHG:Infrastructure Change using these fields:-
     Location Company (Label: Change Location Company):                   (fieldId: 1000000001)
    ASGRP (Label: Coordinator Group*+):                                                     (fieldId: 1000003229)

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