TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor: How to tell, which Fix Packs are installed?

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    How can be determined, which Fix Pack is or which Fix Packs are installed in my TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor installation?


    Starting with v8.1.00 of the product, a Fix Pack installation utility got introduced. This utility maintains an inventory of the applied Fix Packs.

    The inventory file is called "fixpack_info.json" and is located in the main product directory where TrueSight Middleware and Transaction Monitor is installed.

    If the file doesn't exist in a v8.1.00 installation, no Fix Pack has been applied, yet.

    Example of fixpack_info.json of a TMTM v8.1.00 installation:

    {    "Agents" : {       "8.1.00" : {          "FixPackLevel" : ""       }    },    "Services" : {       "FixPackLevel" : ""    } }
    This installation has Agent Fix Pack and Server Fix Pack applied. 


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