Remedy - Server - 9.1.04: How to Disable Escalations

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    AR Server 9.1.04 and above


       In a single server environment, Escalations still run when attempting to disable them via:   
       - Server Information form -> Configuration tab -> Disable Escalations   
    - updating the ar.cfg or Central Configuration with the parameter 'Disable-Escalations: T'   
    How can Escalations be disabled in 9.1.04 and above now?  



      Since 9.1.04, all AR servers are now server group members (even in a single server environment), and the parameter 'Disable-Escalations: T' will not work when set in any of the 3 ways above. 
    To disable Escalations on the environment, there are 2 options: 
      1) Use the new shared parameter 'Disable-Escalations-Global'  
    2) Remove the rank value for the Escalation operation from the AR System Server Group Operations Ranking form. 
    1) Use the new shared parameter 'Disable-Escalations-Global' as follows: 
    AR System Administration Console -> System -> General -> Centralized Configuration 
      Component Name = com.bmc.arsys.server.shared -> * (Shared). 
      Add the parameter: 
      Setting Name: Disable-Escalations-Global  
    Setting Value: T  
    2) Access the AR System Server Group Operations Ranking form, search for the Escalation operation and remove the rank value completely. 
    If you attempt to set it to 0, it would yield the following error: 
    Value does not fall within the limits specified for the field : Range is 1-2147483647 : Rank (ARERR 9272)  


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