How To: Fix Flash Content Preview on Chrome

Version 4
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    "This content requires the Adobe Flash Player. Get Flash."


    If this is the message that you often see while opening a content (to see it's preview) in BMC Communities - even with flash installed - we have a fix for that!


    Here's a simple 4 step solution:


    Step 1: Just click on the leftmost area of the address bar - where you see that the connection is secure; to view site information.

    flash 1.png


    Step 2: If 'Flash' is not listed in the drop-down that you see, click on 'Site Settings' option.

    flash 2.png



    Step 3: Locate Flash in this settings page and change the default option of 'Ask' to 'Allow'

    flash 3.png



    Step 4: Reload the page to check if your preview works fine now!

    flash 5.JPG



    Note: If you already see 'Flash' option after step 1, just use the drop-down to change the value to 'Allow'

    flash 4.png


    Simple as that! Did this trick work for you? Let us know in the comment section below.