Version 4
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    In interactions with customers it is often noted that getting table/view information is a back and forth operation between Support/PE and the customer.


    The accompanying zip file contains SQL scripts, written for the Oracle database, will help gather information about a table or view in one fell swoop so to speak.



    The Table_Info script has been updated to now show Function-Based Normal indexes too.



    "table_info_wrapper.sql" can be run as SYS or ARADMIN (or the Remedy schema owner as the case may be).

                    * * * * "table_info_wrapper.sql" accepts the table name to be queried and calls 2 other scripts, one of which gathers index statistics.


    "view_info_wrapper.sql" needs to be run as SYS. 

                     * * * * "view_info_wrapper.sql" also accepts the view name to be queried and gets its DDL information from dbms_metadata.get_ddl.