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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    Server Group Configuration Parameters


    In a Server Group environment, when trying to set a parameter such as the 'Maximum Log File Size' for a Server side log file, after clicking 'Apply' or 'OK', the value is set back to what it had been previously.



      When setting parameters this way, you must access the Server Information form for each AR Server independently and not log in via the load balancer.  
    If you attempt to do this by logging into a load balancer, when navigating down to the Server Information form you would be directed to any one of the AR Servers under the load balancer without knowing whiich one. 
    1. The easiest way to control how to set parameters via the Server Information form is to use a User Tool that will connect to each AR Server separately.
    3. Alternatively, you can put the individual AR Server names into the Mid Tier configuration and manipulate the URL of the Server Information form by changing the name of the server.
    5. Yet another way to set it, is to alter the parameter directly via the Central Configuration AR System Administration Console -> System -> General -> Centralized Configuration -> Component Name = com.bmc.arsys.server -> select a server to view the parameters
      Locate parameter change the value to be what you need and hit Apply. 
    Do this for each server in the group. 
      This could result in the following error for some parameters though: 
      This configuration setting is not allowed when the server is a member of a server group : 191 (ARERR 3324)  
    Finally, as of 9.1.04 - there's a Server Group Administration Console (in an introductory capacity) available via BMC communities.  
    This allows for the configuration of Administration Settings across all servers in the Server Group to be done in one location. 


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