Getting started with FootPrints video series

Version 2
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    Quickly get up to speed on how to navigate around and get started configuring FootPrints.



    Video Link

    FootPrints - Getting Started- This is an overview video of FootPrints (Running time: 12:16)


    FootPrints – Administration- Learn the basics about FootPrints' codeless administration tools  (Running time: 9:30) - Flycast Partners


    FootPrints - How to Change the Look and Feel Of FootPrints by Using Portals - This video provides an overview of Portals and Consoles within FootPrints, and how to configure them as needed (Running time: 13:38)


    FootPrints – Searching and Reporting - This video provides a demonstration of the Search and Service Analytics (aka Reporting) features within FootPrints  (Running time: 15:00) - Flycast Partners



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