SAP R3 jobs executed from CONTROL-M do not contain the SAP Spool/log in the job Control-M output

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    SAP R3 jobs executed from CONTROL-M do not contain either the spool nor the joblog when the job was defined to copy the sysout.


    The scenarios where this has been found is the following:

    a) In the CONTROL-M/Agent's sysout directory, the sysout file is created but is empty.

    b) Same job executed with the identical SAP Account against the same SAP Server, works as expected




    Missing authorizations



    Scenario a)

    To confirm if the problem is an authorizations problem of the SAP account used to run the job, please follow these steps:

      1) Enable the debug level in the CONTROL-M/Agent. Run ctmagcfg and set Diagnostics level to 4.
      2) Run a test SAP R3 job to recreate the problem
      3) In the CONTROL-M/Agent <Control-M Agent HOME directory>\proclog directory, review the logs named cmsapXXXXXXX.log  and look for the string "  No authorization to execute the operation  ". If you see the messages below that means the SAP user does not have all authorizations needed to retrieve the spool/joblog:
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT:BAPI ('BAPI_XBP_JOB_SPOOLLIST_READ') FAILED. the following parameters were used:
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT:Xbp::BE_RFC_print_exporting_params
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT:Exporting>>>>
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT: JOBNAME = 'TEST'
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT: JOBCOUNT = '12345678'
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT: EXTERNAL_USER_NAME = 'TEST'
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT: STEP_NUMBER = '1'
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT:Exporting<<<<
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT:ErrorSet: BAPI returned: EXM064 No authorization to execute the operation
      0311 11:18:53:63 AT:BAPI returned: EXM064 No authorization to execute the operation

    4) To resolve this problem, the missing authorizations need to be granted to the SAP user.
    Please review the CONTROL-M/CM for SAP Administration Guide, Chapter 2 "Installation", Step 1 "Installation and upgrade requirements - SAP AUTHORIZATIONS


    Scenario b)

    In this case the Control-M/Agent with problems has some kind of corruption and to resolve it, we recommend the following steps:

    a) Uninstall the Control-M/Agent and the Control-M for SAP
    b) Reinstall both again
    c) Delete the Control-M/Agent from the Control-M Configuration Manager ( CCM ) and discover it again
    d) From the Control-M/Server machine, execute the utility ctmgetcm providing the Control-M/Agent hostname and the option "Get" to retrieve the existing Control Modules installed in that  Control-M/Agent 
    e) in the Control-M Configuration Manager, copy the SAP account from a working Control-M for SAP by selecting Account Management and selecting the copy option in the relevant account
    f) Run the job in the new environment and verify it works.


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