Tenant DB Upgrade fails if there is no value in DB_Admin_Name and DB_Admin_Password for the AR System Tenant

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    MyIT Service Broker


    MyIT Service Broker




    MyIT Digital Workplace Catalog 3.4/3.5

    Problem Summary #
    In DWP Catalog 3.3/3.3.002, it was possible to create a tenant without the Tenant DB Admin and Tenant DB Admin password being filled in. With upgrade of DWP Catalog 3.4/3.5 from previous version, it needs those credentials to be filled in to upgrade the tenant database. If they aren’t there, the tenant DB upgrade will fail with below errors in upgradeutils.log

    [2018-01-23 11:32:28,355] Unable to create data connection for tenant TNGADG1AANVNLAOMI2O0OL26F72I4P. Marking teanant TNGADG1AANVNLAOMI2O0OL26F72I4P deactivated.
    [2018-01-23 11:32:28,663] Unable to initialize data source for TNGADG1AANVNLAOMI2O0OL26F72I4P
    [2018-01-23 11:32:29,037] Unable to create data connection for tenant TNGADG1AANVNLAOMWXIOOMBAN36DWI. Marking teanant TNGADG1AANVNLAOMWXIOOMBAN36DWI deactivated.
    [2018-01-23 11:32:29,049] Unable to initialize data source for TNGADG1AANVNLAOMWXIOOMBAN36DWI



    Solution #

      Update the corresponding T table for    AR System Tenant (T1) with the DB_Admin_Name and DB_Admin_Password to match the DB credentials to access the server before trying to upgrade to 3.4/3.5 
    Steps :   
       1. Login to database with DBA credintials using Developer Studio/Enterprise Studio  
    2.      select SaaS/ARsystem/ database
    3. Update T1 table. 
    SQL Statements:   
    select schemaid from arschema where name like 'AR System Tenant'  
    select c1496, C123 from t1   
       update   AR_System_Tenant set DB_Admin_Name = 'SaaS Admin', DB_Admin_Password ='pass' where Name = 'Calbro' 
      Note : You can get the db_admin_name and Db_Admin_password from ar.conf on DWP catalog server. Please put the password in clear text.   
    grep -i db- ar.conf  
    Db-name: dwp_db_app  


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