Chrome 63 at 90% zoom doesn't render Global search dialogue properly

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    MT 9x


    How to fix the problem when using Chrome 63 at 90% zoom doesn't render Global search dialogue properly


    Workaround 1:
    Modify the Width attribute of the following fields on the SHR:LandingConsole form: 304261660 thru 3042661670 
    The steps are:
    a)  Open form the form in Dev Studio (Best Practices Mode)
    b)  Find the field in the outline and rightclick, select Add Field to View Overlay
    c)  It will prompt you to create a form and view overlay.. answer Yes to prompt.
    d)  In the Field Properties, change the Others Overlay Type to Overwrite.
    e)  In the Display Properties, you should now be able to modify the Width attribute to 998.
    f)  Repeat steps b, d and e for the other fields
    g)  Save the changes 

    Be sure to flush the form from the midtier cache and clear browser cache before testing the change.

    Workaround 2: 
    Modify the file  /resources/chr/stylesheets/ARSystem.css

    at the end of this file add the following 3 lines
    /*workaround start*/
    [arid="304261670"], [arid="304261680"], [arid="304261680"]>fieldset, [arid="304261680"]>fieldset>div.PageBody, [arid="304261690"] {
        width:100% !important;
    /*workaround end*/

    So far we've tested this on local BMC computers with chrome latest 63 version and the workaround is OK 

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