ARdisabled 6.0

Version 1
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    Make a list of disabled workflow or check a previous list against the current set of workflow or reset workflow to disabled from a list.  Useful to capture disabled workflow before an upgrade and restore afterward to disabled.


    TitleFile NameVersionSizePlatform(s)Notes
    ARdisabledardisabled.zip6.0452.1 KWindows 
    ARdisabledardisabled.aix6.02.6 MBUnixAIX
    ARdisabledardisabled.hpux6.04.7 MBUnixHP-UX
    ARdisabledardisabled.linux6.01.7 MBLinuxLinux
    ARdisabledardisabled.solaris6.02.3 MBUnixSolaris                                         

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