Is it mandatory for a CICS region to have an MCT defined, when migrating to MainView for CICS version 6.8?

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    MainView for CICS - version 6.8 and above


    We do not currently use an MCT in our CICS systems, and would like not to have to restart our regions if possible. 
    Step 6 of the "standard implementation procedures" in the MVCICS Customization Guide states that "You must modify the CICS MCT to include the BMC area."
    Is it mandatory for a CICS region to have an MCT defined, when migrating to MainView for CICS version 6.8? Or is there some workaround?


    A workaround only exists in the sense that, if you do not add the BMC area to the MCT, MVCICS will run in a limited mode.
    This means the MVCICS performance data collector processes the CICS 110 SMF performance record, the CICS RMI data (if available) and the CICS TCP/IP data (if available).
    No other MVCICS resource data collectors will be activated.

    If you are running a “bare bones” MVCICS (you do not care about resource data for files and DB2) and you do not want to use the monitoring for TDQ, TSQ, connections, program timing, etc.,
    and never want to do any detail tracing, then you can run in “limited mode”. 
    The FT3043 messages identifies what is available and what is not available when running in “limited mode”.  FT3043 is reproduced below.
    You should run MVCICS with a test CICS in “limited mode” to see if you have everything you need. 

    However, BMC would recommend using an MCT and not running in “limited mode”.

    FT3043    Monitor is limited, Agent not activated - xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    
    REASON    The MainView for CICS Monitor is active but is operational         
              in a limited state.  The requested monitoring agent is not         
              activated as it cannot run in the limited state Monitor.           
    SYSTEM    The MainView for CICS Monitor is active in a limited state.  This  
    ACTION    means that some MainView for CICS monitoring agents are not        
              allowed to be activated.  The attempt to activate the identified   
              Agent has been rejected.                                           
    USER      For complete operation of the MainView for CICS Monitor, the       
    ACTION    CICS MCT must contain the required MainView for CICS entry.        
              Refer to the MainView for CICS Customization Guide for complete    
              instructions on providing this required MCT update to CICS.        
              The MainView for CICS Monitor in a limited state provides:         
                  -task data based on the CICS performance data                  
                  -history data based on the CICS performance data               
                  -all TCP/IP data based on the presence of the TCP/IP MCTs      
                  -Task Kill operation in a limited state                        
                  -task level summary tracing                                    
              The limited state does not provide:                                
                  -detailed file, DB2, MQ and DBCTL utilization data             
                  -controlled data collection for statistics (FIC2)              
                  -program timing and CPU utilization                            
                  -TD queue and TS queue utilization data                        
                  -connection and session utilization data                       
                  -the MainView for CICS collected TCP/IP utilization data       
                  -task level detail tracing                                     
                  -last abending program name                                    
                  -Web Services utilization data                                 
                  -all 4th generation data base monitoring                       
                  -all user monitoring via the CMRCUEX utility                   

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