Client Management: The web console is slow

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    BMC Client Management


    Client Management


    BMC Client Management (BCM) >= 12.6


    The remote sessions are very slow when taking control of devices through the web console.


    The BCM agent certificate hasn't been imported on the system/browser.



    When the BCM agent SSL certificate is installed on the device that is controlling the target device it improves the performance of the operations ran using the browser-based console.
    The certificate authority should be installed on all devices from which the web console will be ran from:
    - connect to the web console, the URL is https://_YOUR_MASTER_:_YOUR_CONSOLE_PORT_/webconsole where _YOUR_MASTER_ is the master ip address or hostname and _YOUR_CONSOLE_PORT_ is most likely 1611
    For this example, the web console is running from the master, thus _YOUR_MASTER_ being "localhost".
    - open the menu on the top right and click on "SSL Certificate":

    User-added image

    - on the next window click on the download button:

    User-added image

    - then check all check-boxes in the next popup and click OK:

    User-added image

    - close the tab/window then reopen https://_YOUR_MASTER_:_YOUR_CONSOLE_PORT_/webconsole (refreshing the page should be sufficient though)


    For help on how to deploy and install SSL certificates to a wider scale follow this Knowledge Article (KA): Client Management: SSL certificate warnings may be displayed when accessing the Client Management web interface pages (Windows)


    For more information on BCM and certificates, check this KA: Client Management: About SSL certificates.


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