We have upgraded to MainView for CICS version 6.8. Can you provide a sample basic MCT definition, as we do not currently use an MCT.

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    MainView for CICS


    MainView for CICS - version 6.8 and above


    We have upgraded to MainView for CICS version 6.8.
    We do not currently use an MCT in our CICS systems, and would like to see a sample of a basic MCT definition that will work with MVCICS 6.8.


    If you have no existing MCT definition, you can use the IBM sample MCT=2$ with some modifications. This is the CICS default and probably the simplest to copy. 

    Here is a sample:

             DFHMCT TYPE=INITIAL,SUFFIX=2$,                                *  
                   APPLNAME=NO,RMI=YES,COMPRESS=YES,                       *  
                   DPL=0,FILE=8,TSQUEUE=8,                                 *  
     * everything specified (except SUFFIX and STARTER) on the TYPE=INITIAL above are the
    *  CICS defaults. SUFFIX needs to be provided and the STARTER=YES just allows the $ and #
    *  characters to be used in the SUFFIX= value. 

    * MCT ENTRIES FOR DBCTL                                               *   
             COPY DFH$MCTD      - DBCTL  
    *  If you have no IMS/DBCTL, comment out the above entry.
    * MCT ENTRIES FOR BMC                                                  *   
             COPY CMRMVMCT
    *  The MVCICS BBSAMP data set must be included in your assembly JCL to satisfy the COPY. 
    *  This will provide the MVCICS documentation of the MCT entry in the assembled listing. 

             DFHMCT TYPE=FINAL                                                
             SPACE 2                                                          
             END   DFHMCT2$      

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