Patches not downloading on Patch Manager stuck in Build and publish pending

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    Client Management 12.x with Remote Patch manager


    Scenario 1:
    Patches not downloading on Patch Manager stuck in Build and publish pending

    Scenario 2:
    All the patches in a patch group got available but missing one file however, Device count of all of them stuck at "Evaluating" and hence the status of the patch group is "Build and publish Pending" with some MBs remaining. 

    As a result, we cannot remove any patches from the group and cannot delete the patch group either for both the scenarios.


    - 1. Due to Keep download patches parameter set in patch manager (Applicable for 12.5 only) - 2. Patch Group is stuck on evaluating because one patch is missing from the PatchLanguages table



    Solution: Scenario 1:

    Method 1:  Run SQL query on database to force the downloading patch


    Stop the Master service


    Access the database using SSMS or any other SQL management tool to run the below queries.


    create new SQL query

      update bcmduser.PatchLanguages 

    Execute this query

    Start the master service of agent
    Wait for couple of minutes and re-verify the same.

    And it is advice to keep the default settings of patch managers on Remote patch manager as " Delete downloaded Patches" which not only help you to avoid this kind of issues but also help you to manage the space if in case of Master is your patch manager.


    Method 2: If the Patches are downloaded but still its stuck at same status for hours or days.

    • Unassigned the Device group or devices from Current Patch group where it says "Build And Publish pending"
    • From Left hand side of Patch group -> Click on "Assigned objects -> Go to Device group -> Now un-assign the device group. And Assigned the Device group again.
       Unassigning the devices group

    Scenario 2:

    How did we identify that one patch is missing:

    These are the logs from Master: 
    2018/08/01 13:25:42 Vision64Database                 I   [4700]  Number of entries for Patch ObjectID 1287 (IsPatchJob = 0) :   14

    2018/08/01 13:25:42 Vision64Database                 I   [4700]  Patch Group Identity = 1287 : Patches published for the Patch Group =   13

     From a database point of view, 14 patches are assigned to the Patch Group, and only 13 are published. So 1 is missing. 

    Step 1: Run the following query to check which patch is stuck.  

    select * from WizardThread, Patches where WizardThread.PatchID=Patches.PatchID and PatchGroupID=1287   (Patch group IDs can be varied)


    There should be 1 or more patches with status "Tobedownloaded". Note down its Patch ID.

    Step 2: In general example, if suppose,there is one patch is on "tobedownloaded"  with PatchID 1254.

    Steps 3: Run the following query to check if this patch is present in patch languages table.


    SELECT * FROM PatchLanguages WHERE PatchID=1254


    If the output is blank, we know that it is not published.

    Step 4: Delete the patch with the below query.


     DELETE FROM WizardThread where PatchGroupID=1287 and PatchID=1254


    Now we can re-add this patch to the patch group and status should not be stuck anymore.


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