Remedy Plugin in TrueSight Intelligence

Version 1
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    The Remedy Plugin in TrueSight Intelligence is now available with even more enhancements and features. This will prove to be a great asset in supporting the Service Ticket Analytics in combination with Remedy. While continuing to enhance the plugin, we have also ensured that its usability is simplified. The Bulk Ingestion brings in historical Incidents and Change data, while the plugin handles the real time data feed. It doesn't end here. The plugin also collects metric data that monitors the health of the configured Remedy instance. With so much functionality built in, the footprint continues to be small thereby bearing little to no load on the host.


    Remedy Bulk Ingestion Script


    Use the Remedy bulk ingestion script to get historical Remedy incidents and change tickets. Based on the configuration detail provided in the template, this script reads the Remedy Incident and Change tickets, converts them into TrueSight Intelligence events (based on definitions in eventDefinition), and ingests these events into TrueSight Intelligence.


    Remedy Plugin


    The Remedy Plugin can be accessed from the UI. A sample screenshot is attached here.


    Enhancements and Features


    a. Plugin Enhancements


    1) Instance level debug logging.

       User can select the log level while plugin configuration as "debug" to see the debug level logs for an instance.


    2) Additional Default fields added.

       The default template(for incidents & change) now contains a complete set of field mapping. User can run the plugin without touching the field mapping section and this would bring in fields mapped in default template(~111 fields for incidents and ~122 fields for change).

    Note: There is a small structural change in template(field definitions are put under "fieldDefinitionMap"), so please copy the latest default template for properties customization.


    3) The behavior for overriding the property mapping is changed.




    Plugin configuration field mapping contains only app_id.(It Signifies that user is relying on the default template)            

    The default properties(fields) mapped are used.

    Plugin configuration field mapping contains more fields than app_id. (It means user has their own field mapping)

    Only properties configured by user are used and the default properties mapped in default templates are ignored.


                  *This would resolve the issue when user does not want to map a field which is available in default template. Earlier this was not possible as user configured properties were in addition to the default fields.


    4) Invalid events information logging and metric reported.

                  In case some of the events are not ingested due to the event size, the plugin logs the offending field property and size. It also reports a non-zero value(no of invalid events ) with metric REMEDY_INVALID_EVENTS_COUNT. User can have an Alarm on this metric to get notification.



    b. Bulk Ingestion Script Enhancements


    1)   Retry feature is implemented.

    The events dropped due to large size would be dumped into csv file which can be ingested by running the script with “retry” argument.

    2)   Silent mode added.

    If user provides argument as “silent”, script won’t ask/prompt for any other input and silently run based on the other arguments provided.


    Please refer to the documentation here for more information. Thanks to the development team (Vivek Kumar Tiwari & Ravikanth) for your contribution.