Date/Times above "19/01/2038 00:00:00" cannot be stored

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Server


    When trying to save date greater than : 01/19/2038 we get below errors :
    Date is out of allowed range of 01/01/1970 - 01/19/2038 (GMT) for Windows client. :  "19-01-2038 00:00:00": Date/Time Field__c (ARERR 1889)


    This is a known issue with 32 bit EPOC date format,

    In date/time field we use 32 bit integer which use EPOC format and not able to save date above 2038, this is not a limitation with Remedy AR but an i
    ssue for computing and data storage,

    You can refer:

    In our further release we will fix this by using a 64 bit integer but this is not considered now as it is not a simple bug fix.

    If you want to use a workaround to save date above 2038, you can use a date field.

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