Remedy Smart Reporting Broadcast Schedule is not Working

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    Scenario 1 : Smart Reporting Broadcast Schedule is not running. Configured Smart Reporting "Broadcast" and scheduled it for daily run, The schedule run is not sending the email to specified recipients. 

    When execute the job from Schedule Management -> Run button then the report is sent successfully to end user.

    Scenario 2 : When trying to create a Broadcast in Smart Reporting reports, below error is seen on the console

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    TaskScheduler is disabled in the web.xml file



    This issue is seen if the Task Scheduler is disabled in the Root/web.xml file.

    Perform the below steps to enable it:

    • Navigate to <Smart Reporting Install Dir>/appserver/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF
    • Take a backup of the existing web.xml file from web.xml file.
    • Open file Web.xml and Look for 'DisableTaskScheduler' Parameter
    • You will find XML entry similar as below
    <init-param>  <param-name>DisableTaskScheduler</param-name>  <param-value>TRUE</param-value>  </init-param>
    • Change param-value from TRUE to FALSE and save it.
    • Restart the Smart Reporting Tomcat service.
    The Broadcasting should work successfully post the above changes. 

    Note: If the 'DisableTaskScheduler' is missing in the web.xml file, then it can be added on the MIStartup Servlet block. 


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