ARERR [678] Full text indexing is disabled.

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    Remedy AR System Server


    BMC Remedy AR System Server



    When we clicked on reindex check box on Server Information---FTS tab we are getting below error.

    ARERR [678] Full text indexing is disabled

    And because of that we are not able to start the FTS reindexing.

    LP: BMC Remedy AR System Server 8.1.00
    DR: AR System 8.1.00




    Legacy ID:KA412385


    We need to follow below process:--

    a) Open AR System Administration Console----System--General---FTS Configuration----and unselect "FTS Agent" then save the settings.

    b) Again open FTS configuration form and select "FTS Agent" and save the settings.


    c) Restart ARServer

    d) Then go back to server information form--FTS--and click on FTS Reindexing.



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