Announcing Beta Program for TrueSight 11.3 (CLOSED)

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    Announcing Beta Program (CLOSED)

    for TrueSight 11.3


    With so many organizations working to include public cloud into their hybrid data center, the focus for this beta is on new cloud capabilities.


    Products:       TrueSight Cloud Cost Control v11.3 and TrueSight Capacity Optimization v11.3

    Dates:            February 5 – February 23

    Themes:        Cloud Cost Control – Cost Optimization and Rightsizing:  Automated recommendations for right-sizing and optimizing AWS and Azure resources and reducing cloud spend.

    Cloud Cost Control – budget management:  Proactive analysis of cloud spend, recommendations and alerts that help keep operational budget on track.

    Capacity Optimization – Azure views for capacity management:  Visibility and insight into Azure resources for planning and ongoing management.


    How it works:

    This Beta Program has been designed to treat your time respectfully. We offer a cloud-based Beta environment that eliminates any setup and quickly dives into the experience of the selected capabilities – no installation or configuration needed.  Access to Beta documentation is provided along with instructional resources.  You provide feedback on capabilities using a simple on-line feedback form accessible directly from the product UI.


    Estimated time commitment:

    It is estimated that it will take 30-45 minutes of your time to evaluate and provide feedback for each theme. Your feedback and time are valuable.  We have worked to minimize your time investment yet still gain valuable feedback and insights from you.


    Why participate:

    • Learn and experience new capabilities
      Don’t miss the opportunity to be among the few customers who have the power to impact the product used by thousands including yourself.
    • Influence product direction with your expert feedback
      Your feedback is important to our engineers. Your input is used to help guide our engineers in delivering high value capabilities


    Sign up for beta here:

    1. Sign up TrueSight 11.3 Cloud-Oriented Beta Program
    2. Complete beta agreement (Please ensure your company name is present along with your first name, last name)
    3. Request to join private Communities group


    Have questions?  Send an email to


    TrueSight Capacity Optimization