Unable to provide application permission with Fixed license. Getting error Cannot change license type of a user to Fixed more than 3 times a week (ARERR 9090)

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    AR System Server


    AR System Server, BMC Remedy IT Service Management


    On CTM:People form when try to give Incident user permission with Fixed license below error is notice. License type is set to Read and people profile was not modified for more that 3 months for license type.

    In audit log license type was not updated for more than 3 months even then below error was popping up while provided application permission

    Cannot change license type of a user to Fixed more than 3 times a week : BMC:Incident Mgmt (ARERR 9090)

    On CTM:People form under application permissions when application permission is provided with fixed license, on user_cache table 'fixedLicChange' field gets updated with application and time stamp information.

    If application permission is removed and added back new entry is added on each attempt with time stamp . If user do it for 3 times in a week, on 4th attempt customer will get ARERR 9090


    Application permission modification does not update in audit log. Remedy administrator can check user_cache table for value in 'fixedLicChange' field to identify when and which application permissions were provided.

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