TrueSight/Sentry Hardware KM: How to set up the monitoring of a Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Chassis

Version 1
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    Make sure you can connect to the Cisco UCS Manager from the Patrol Agent machine: https://<hostname_or_IP> with the same credentials which will be used for the monitoring:





    Create a new policy and add a new device as follows:

    _Enter an ID(Label)

    _Enter the actual hostname or IP address of your Cisco USC Manager

    _Select “Management Card/Chip, Blade Chassis, ESXi” as Device Type

    _In the Cisco UCS section, tick the “Enable Cisco UCS” check-box and enter the same credentials as used above to connect to the UCS Manager’s URL



    Scroll down to the Device Advanced Settings/Connectors section, select “Used Specified Connectors” in the “Connector Selection” drop-down list and enter “MS_HW_CiscoUCSBlade.hdf” as connector file name.


    Save Changes and the policy.


    Wait a few minutes and look for the newly discovered devices in the Devices view: