Records Stuck on Social Bridge Form - Error Message: "Provided Body param displayId value is ''! "

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    Remedy with Smart IT


    Smart IT 1.5, Smart IT 1.5.1, Smart IT 1.6


    Problem Statement:

    1. Login to Developer Studio and Publish the Web Service "TMS_TaskInterface"
    3. Use Soap UI to consume this Web Service
    5. Create a Task Work Info using this WSDL
      Result: The Work Info gets created in ITSM however the Social Bridge record gets stuck, showing the following error in the Return Message field:  
      "error": HTTP Error 500 : {"error":"MOBILITY_ERROR_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR","errorCode":1013,"defaultMessage":"Provided Body param displayId value is ''! ","additionalMessage":"DaoException: Provided Body param displayId value is ''! ","detailedMessage":"com.bmc.bsm.myit.dao.DaoException","arconnectionProblem":false} 



    Defect SW00532242


    We investigated this issue and found that the records are stuck as the displayID is NULL (JSON Sent From AR) for the Work Info records created via the WSDL. If we manually create Task Work Info entries, those records gets processed successfully.

    To workaround this issue, the WSDL was modified, where an attribute TaskOrTaskGroupID was added and mapped to the TaskOrTaskGroupID field of the TMS:WorkInfo form.
    While consuming this Web Service, we are sending the Task Number as value to the TaskOrTaskGroupID field.

    This helped to populate the displayID and records started processing.

    A fix for defect
    SW00532242 has been targeted to a future version of Smart IT.

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