BDSSA ETL Failure from FOUNDATION_PERMISSIONS_RBAC -> Update report permissions

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    BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation (5 Report Viewers, 1 Query Studio)


    BMC BladeLogic Decision Support for Server Automation (5 Report Viewers, 1 Query Studio)



    BDSSA ETL is failing in the following step:


    FOUNDATION_PERMISSIONS_RBAC. Step Name: Update report permissions Step Type: Order Number: 9  Context: CTX_SITE1  Maximum Number of Errors: Number of Executions: 1



    process_permissions.nsh script is failing due to using the default (too small) java heap size.



    Legacy ID:KA369808


    This step corresponds to the following script being called from etl/bin:

    nsh ./process_permissions.nsh

    Run the above manually to receive more detailed error information. One common error we will see when doing this is:

    nsh ./process_permissions.nsh Exception in thread "main" java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space

    Out of the box, process_permissions.nsh does not specify a Max Heap Size which means it uses the Java default of 64MB. In an env with a lot of RBAC users and roles, this is too small so we should specify a larger max heapsize and not rely on the low default. A defect has been logged on this: QM001749065 - process_permissions.nsh should set its max heap to something higher than the default.

    To manually set the heap size to something higher than the default:

    1) Backup process_permissions.nsh
    2) Make the following change to process_permissions.nsh


    "$JAVA_HOME/bin/java" -Dbl.reports.bin="$BLREPORTS_HOME/bin" -Dbl.reports.portal.home="$BLREPORTS_HOME/portal" -Dbl.reports.etl.home="$BLRPT_ETL_HOME" -Dbl.r eports.webserver.home="$BLRPT_WEB_SERVER_HOME" -Dbl.reports.home="$BLREPORTS_HOME" -classpath "$CLASSPATH" com.bladelogic.warehouse.reports.rbac.Permissions Manager


    "$JAVA_HOME/bin/java" -Xmx512m -Dbl.reports.bin="$BLREPORTS_HOME/bin" -Dbl.reports.portal.home="$BLREPORTS_HOME/portal" -Dbl.reports.etl.home="$BLRPT_ETL_HOME" -Dbl.r eports.webserver.home="$BLRPT_WEB_SERVER_HOME" -Dbl.reports.home="$BLREPORTS_HOME" -classpath "$CLASSPATH" com.bladelogic.warehouse.reports.rbac.Permissions Manager

    All we have done here is added the -Xmx512m argument to the java command.

    3) Once that change has been saved, rerun the command from the command line again. If it succeeds, rerun the ETL job


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