Garbled characters displayed in Approval Central form in the Chrome browser hosted in Chinese OS

Version 7

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    Remedy AR System Server


    AR System Mid Tier


    Chrome browser only Chinese Locale OS


    Garble characters displayed in Approval Central form when using Chrome browser against a Chinese locale.

    • This issue occurs in Chrome browser only, does not occur in Firefox or IE browser.
    • Chrome browser version is 62
    • Refer to Garbled characters in attached screenshot.
    We upgrade Chrome browser as latest release version. The issue still exists. 



    field label in CH view on Approval Central form contain extra characters


    Please take following steps as a fix.

    1) Login to Dev Studio and open the Approval Central form, Default Administrator View - zh_CN
    2) Copy the "problem" label or text from the field properties in a language compatible text editor. Such as Office Word.
    3) Copy just the characters, Chinese labels (not the entire line).
    4) Remove the text/label from the problem field in Dev Studio and paste the copied characters back in.
    5) Flush MidTier cache and browser cache

    Refer to the problem field labels in attached screenshot once this fix is done.
    All of field labels are displayed correctly.

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