Additional information for INCONTROL for z/OS version 9.0.18

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    Control-M for z/OS


    Control-M for z/OS


    INCONTROL for z/OS version 9.0.18 Control-M for z/OS version 9.0.18 Control-M/Restart version 9.0.18 Control-D version 9.0.18 Control-V version 9.0.18 Control-O version 9.0.18 Control-M/Tape version 9.0.18 Control-M/Analyzer version 9.0.18


    All customers who installed or are upgrading to 9.018.000 should install the fix below together with any prerequisites.   Customers upgrading should install it prior to performing the upgrade.

    1. PG03410 (BI10599) - Additional Upgrade in Place issues
    Customers who installed (not customers who upgraded to using the Upgrade In Place feature) should also apply the following fixes, and their prerequisites:
    1. PG03310 (BI10592) - IKJ56228I for SMP CSI selecting option from ICE main menu
    3. PG03355 (BI10596) - Various Upgrade in Place issues
    Earlier copies of the 9.0.18 release notes incorrectly mention that Enterprise Manager must be version 900 or later. This is incorrect and the Enterprise Manager should be at release level 9.0.18 or above.


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