%%$REMOVE should shift left the remaining parameters

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    Control-M JCL Verify


    Control-M JCL Verify


    version 8 and 9


    DO ENFORCE %%$VAR = %%$REMOVE may remove the parameter represented by %%$VAR, but may fail to shift the remaining parameters parameters on the line left.                                         

    Additional problems fixed by this APAR:                              

    1. DO ENFORCE which adds a new parameter may add a redundant comma at the end of the statement.

    2. The variables %%$DDSYSOUT and %%$INTYPE should be blocked for ON DD statements.

    3. UNIT=() may cause wrong reformatting.

    4. EXEC &PROC may cause wrong reformatting.

    5. A multi-line JOB statement with a comment on the first and the programmer name on the second, is enforced and reformatted errornously.



    product defect


    Apply PTF for BMC APAR BJ10392

    For 8.0:  PTF PF04259.  This PTF is part of maintenance 8.0.06.

    For 9.0:  PTF PG02927.  This PTF is part of maintenance 9.0.04.

    CAR00131206 addresses this APAR/CCID.

    Please note that this ptf should be applied in conjunction with APAR BJ10389

    Actions required of the user in addition to applying the PTF:

     - Recycle the Control-M/JCL Verify monitor

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    Solutions to a Product Problem

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