After upgrading ARS core,  'Server Group Upgrade Status:' is stuck as "Pending"

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    Remedy AR System Server


    Remedy AR System Server


    9.1 SP4


    After successful upgrade of ARS, MT, Atrium and AI 9.1.03 to SP4 on a Single Server environment, the Upgrade Status remains as "Pending" an the ITSM install will not run until this status is complete. 


    Here's what can be done to resolve it:

    Add  the following  value from Centralized configuration  (CCS) , go to “AR System Administrative console - > System -> General -> Centralized Configuration - > Shared” , 
    set this value Upgrade-Status = Pending Complete 
    Wait  30 minutes the post installation activity will get trigger and the upgrade status will be marked as Done by performing post installation activity OR you can restart ARServer. When the ARSever comes back up or after the 30 minutes, the Upgrade-Status in the shared configuration should show as "Done".

    Once it comes back up run the following query at the db level on the ARSystem database:

    select upgradeStatus from control

    The value should be "Done"


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