Tip: Stay Connected With BMC Communities From Mobile Phone

Version 11
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    We see that each day, 9%+ of visits on BMC Communities is done from mobile devices. Checking your BMC Communities account while walking your dog or taking a tube is now very simple. So, if you are exploring for best options to stay connected with BMC Communities, even on the fly! I have a strong recommendation for you...




    Engage on BMC Communities from anywhere


    Things you can do from Phone

    • Publish & Reply on Content
      • Create discussions and engage by replying on them
    • Check Communities Inbox (by clicking on the person icon)
      • Read notifications
      • Flagging read/unread
      • Reply

    NOTE: You can also find your content and your places here.

    • Engage on content
      • Like
      • Bookmark
      • Share  
    • Search people, places and content
    • View and RSVP to events
    • View news streams and your personal custom stream
      • News (from your connections) - find out where your champions, users your follow in connection streams, customers/partners are engaging.
      • Top & Trending - get to know to most trending content, places and recommended people to follow on BMC Communities.
      • Most Recent - See the most recent published or engaged on content is.


    An icon on Home Page of your phone

    Here are easy steps to follow to have the BMC Communities icon on your home screen:

    Step 1: Log on to communities.bmc.com/news - recommended - (or any other communities page) from your mobile device.

    Step 2: Click on the share button and find 'add to homescreen' option.

    Step 3: Custom select the name you would like or go with default. Hit done.

    Step 4: Enjoy!

    Note: You can do the same in your android/BB device by simply clicking on the 'three dots' icon (more options icon) on the top right of your browser and selecting 'add to homescreen.

    Things you cannot do yet (known limitations)

    • No push notifications
      • Workaround: Refresh the browser by just pulling down the screen to see the latest items in your Communities Inbox.

    Shout out to digitally savvy Michael Hoover to be one of the early adopters of this use case. See here.