CMDB Upgrade: Product Catalog Pre-Upgrade check failed for the en localized view

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    BMC Atrium CMDB Suite


    BMC Atrium Core


    BMC Atrium Core 9.x


    The following error was reported:

    Pre-Checks for BMC Atrium Core

    In the RIK log the customer was getting an error similar to the following:

    LOG EVENT {Description=[PCPreInstallValidationTask2],Detail=[Failed to execute for language en]}

    But also an error message pertaining to a violation of a primary key constraint on SYS%Message_Box1.def.

    The instructions on BMC Docs were also followed:

    But no duplicates were found in the SYS:Message Box form.

    Lastly, when trying to delete the SYS:Message Box form so it could be restored from another copy of the def file in Remedy
    Developer Studio, the following error occurred:

    SQL database operation failed was unable to delete the form from Developer Studio


    Corruption in SYS:Message Box form.


    Enabling API/SQL logging, the reason was found for why the SYS:Message Box form could not be removed in Remedy Developer Studio:

    violation of primary key pkardefnre cannot insert duplicate key into rdefnrel form.

    The first step in resolving the issue:

    1.)  In AR Admin Console, turn off object relationship tracking.
    2.)  Use AR Remedy User tool to backup the "SYS:Message Box" records to .arx file and delete all records in there. (See KA:000047782).
    3.)  In Remedy Developer Studio, delete the "SYS:Message Box" form and reimport the form in Base Development mode.
    4.)  Rerun the CMDB upgrade installation and it should complete successfully.
    5.)  After completed the installation please check SYS:Message Box form, and re-import data if needed using Import Tool

    Note that after completing the upgrade, the object relationship tracking should be re-enabled in AR Admin Console.


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