Remedy Server Group Administration Console for 9.1.04 (unsupported)

Version 4
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    BMC’s new version of Remedy continues to drive innovation into the ITSM experience. Along with supporting multi-cloud environments and bringing cognitive intelligence to service management, BMC continues to evolve the Remedy platform to help customers further reduce total cost of ownership and simplify administration. In support of this goal, BMC is introducing a new utility that helps make administration, monitoring and operations of Remedy server group environments more efficient.


    A typical Remedy installation includes multiple instances of Remedy AR System servers organized in a server group. While this allows for scale and high availability within the environment, having multiple servers can increase the management effort of the environment.


    The goals of the Remedy Server Group Administration Console are:

    • Simplify the management of a server group by enabling administrators to perform operations and administration activities across multiple servers in a server group from a single place.
    • Enable access to the different servers in the server group from anywhere without needing access to the underlying computer system.


    The types of capabilities that are included in the Remedy Server Group Administration Console include:

    • Server Group Dashboard
    • FTS Management
    • Manage Remedy Processes
    • Log Management
    • View Logs
    • Longest Command Log
    • Manage User Licenses
    • Current Operation Owner
    • Server Group Management Console


    The new Remedy Server Group Administration Console is completely additive. No existing configuration or management screen is affected. After deployment of the new console, existing screens are still available with the same functionality. The Server Group Administration Console is an additional interface that provides cross server capability.


    This console requires the Remedy platform to be at version 9.1.04 or later.


    BMC has taken commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the quality of the new Remedy Server Group Administration Console.  BMC has tested it for a reasonable period before making it available for wider consumption as an unsupported utility. Best efforts will be provided via BMC Communities to address questions or issues regarding the utility.  BMC Support will not accept issues regarding this utility.


    BMC looks forward to your comments and suggestions about this utility.  Please add your feedback here with questions and support inquiries. Your feedback helps to influence future versions of Remedy Server Group Administration Console as well as potentially drive this functionality into the Remedy product.


    For a video overview see this post