File Attachment Policy: FAQ

Version 2
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    This document explains why file attachments are allowed on discussions, but some files are then deleted, to protect Customers.

    Are file attachments allowed on BMC Communities?

    Yes, you can attach any file type on discussions


    Can I also upload log or config files?

    Yes, such files are useful for community Members to share context, so are accepted.


    Why are some files deleted after some time?

    Various files (log, config for example) can contain confidential data (IP addresses, passwords in clear text or hashed, etc.) or personal details (Email, LDAP ID, etc.), so a Moderation automation deletes such files after a couple of weeks.


    Should I remove confidential/personal data before attaching files?

    There is no need to share details that are not appropriate for others to see, it's best practice to remove server names, IP addresses, Email addresses, LDAP IDs and more confidential/personal details (see section 5 of Terms Of Use)


    Can I also copy/paste content of such log files?

    If you do such copy/paste (extract of a file), make sure that you remove all confidential and personal data first (the Moderation automation will not protect you, it only focuses at file attachments)